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Discussion Topics

Identifying and acquiring mass arb portfolios.

Maximizing value of mass arbitration cases: legal strategies.

Avoiding costly mistakes and pitfalls.


What to expect from the summit

8:00 am Registration

8:00 am Coffee & breakfast

9:00 am Identifying mass arbitration cases

  • Legal/ case theories that work;
  • Analyzing arbitration provisions;
  • Class action and mass arbitration combos.

9:45 am Evaluating mass arbitration cases

Q & A + Opinion exchange

10:30 am Structuring mass arbitration retainers (guest speaker)

  • Fee division between clients and attorneys/ profitability;
  • Potential conflicts of interest and their waivers;
  • Aggregated settlements & ethics concern;
  • Settling cases on a scale in practice.

11:00 am Break

11:15 am Case acquisition

  • Marketing campaigns that work;
  • Screening/ sales techniques and strategies;
  • Tech & CRM.

12:00 pm Case management (guest speaker)

  • Leveraging client relationships to maximize case opportunities;
  • Fostering a team culture in a high-volume law firm;
  • Communication strategies on a scale;

How to automate all the way through trial (with examples);

  • Tech & CRM (guest speaker).

12:50 pm Lunch

2:00 pm Litigation / trial strategies (guest speaker)

  • Dealing with the defense attorneys (what if defense attorneys don’t show up? Refuse to pay? etc.);
  • Filing strategies;
  • Pitfalls to avoid.

3:00 pm Bonus sessions

  • Biometrics data collection and relevant litigation (guest speaker);
  • Expanding the horizons: portfolio and class litigation in the European Union (guest speaker);
  • Protecting data inside your law firm: best practices (guest speaker);
  • Portfolio ideas exchange.

Meet some of our speakers:

George Haines

George Haines is the principal attorney at Freedom Law Firm based in Las Vegas, NV.
George is personally involved in dozens of mass arbitration portfolios. Most importantly, he has built robust systems and company culture that allow him to take any practice area, case concept, or portfolio and scale it quickly and effectively in a short period of time. At the conference, George will share his experience and insights into designing teams and systems for growth and scaling.

Yana Hart​

Yana Hart is a Senior Associate at Clarkson where she manages a number of mass arbitration portfolios, consisting of hundreds of cases, along with several complex class actions.

During her legal career, Ms. Hart has litigated and successfully resolved hundreds of consumer cases focusing on the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, California Invasion of Privacy Act, Telephone Consumer Protection Act, and many other federal and California consumer statutes.

Michael Kind

Michael Kind is the founder of Kind Law, a Las Vegas law firm that focuses on consumer protection in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Before founding Kind Law, Michael was the managing attorney for the Las Vegas office of one of the largest and most respected consumer protection law firms in the nation.
Michael gained extensive experience in consumer and class-action litigation in state and federal court as well as significant experience in litigating consumer matters in private arbitration.

Sofia Wadler

Sofia Wadler is the founder of Pallas Enterprise is a practice development partner for plaintiff-side attorneys specializing in mass arbitration and portfolio litigation. Pallas helps attorneys identify, acquire, and manage mass arbitration portfolios.

Sofia combines her background in law with her experience in advertising and business to create unique and outside-of-the-box business solutions for plaintiff-side attorneys. Sofia has been involved in mass arbitration case acquisition and management since 2018.

First Mass Arbitration Summit

Theory & Practice

Las Vegas, NV

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